Great idea for birthday or farewell parties or just a fun get together for your friends…

A group consultation(2-12 persons) is perfect for:

  • Mothers and daughter(s) day out
  • Friends
  • Social groups
  • Teenage Birthday Party

During the session everyone will discover:

  • Which colors suits you best
  • Which colors to avoid
  • Your contrast level’(s) for clothes and hair color

The consultation may vary from the number of people depending on group size:

  • Everyone will be analysed  individually based on the 10 seasons! While the others watch and/or do some color exercises
  • In between there will be a coffee with cake break
  • Color analysis continues
  • Make-up recommendation per person
  • Lunch (on request at extra cost)
  • Discuss the garments you have brought…
  • Jewellery/accessory advice

Each person will receive:

  • At least 30 minutes with the consultant
  • Color swatch containing 36 of their best colors
  • a Free gift in one of their colors

How to prepare yourself:

  1. Please arrive without any make-up
  2. Wear a top with a low neck
  3. Bring 3 items (clothing) you like and 3 items you don’t like

Optional: Switching Party

Get each of your friends to bring along a few items of clothing (clean and in good condition) or accessories they don’t wear and swap them amongst yourselves.  I can be on hand to advise on different ways to wear the clothing to give you ‘food for thought’ for the rest of your wardrobe.

Got something to celebrate?

  • You can bring your own cake and bubbles, we will arrange tea or coffee
  • Lunch can be arranged on request; prices vary, depending on your requirements and the number of people attending.


A group consultation, 2-6 people takes approx. 30 to 60 minutes per person.

The price for the first and second person is 99.00 euro.

From the third-sixth person we offer a 15% discount.

1-2 person 99.90 euro.

3-6 person 85.50 euro.

“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life”

– Vincent Van Gogh