I meet so many wonderful people in my job. It is defiantly a privilege to be able to help women understand their unique colors. Below are some of the comments and feedback I have had in recent times. Thank you to all those lovely people for their kind words and support. Obviously you are the reason I love my job. A wonderful morning learning our colors! Together with friends made it more fun – very helpful, now we need to go shopping. Maria A delightful time well spent with such wonderful knowledge on colors. Colors are definitely the essence of life. Linda I learn everyday, but today I learned a LOT! Thank you so much Yvonne. Ank Wonderful morning, delicious food, lots of fun. I will stay away from warm colors. Thank you so much. Karen Beautiful black and white – how glorious! lucky me. thanks for all the food and wonderful bravery of color. So inspired! Great Fun, thank you very much Yvonne! Susan A most enjoyable, eye opening day! Jummy food and great fun. many thanks Shelene Learnt something new! Several things in fact. Relaxed atmosphere, delicious bite, gorgeous instructor. Mathilde What an enlightening experience – loved it! Great food as well! Lots of thanks Sharon A really uplifting experience with really lovely friends and with Yvonne who is so knowledgeable, thank you! Helen Thank you so much Yvonne! Very nice session and you are doing a great colourful job. Cindy Looking forward to experimenting! Thank you so much! Jocy Great fun watching the girls have their colours done. Easy to assume you know what is good, but there were many surprises. I look forward to do it myself. Carol So happy we finally did this colour workshop! Delighted! Jade The beginning of a new chapter!  Karen Thank you very much Yvonne. It was necessary, interesting and surprising! See you again with joy and also because it will be difficult to change habits and style at the beginning!  Elisabeth Dear Yvonne, What a pleasant and informative day. And what are we spoiled with all those tasty snacks. I have learned a lot about the colors that suits me. Really looking forward to go shopping now. Thank you very much. Helen Thank you so much. I now have to re-educate myself to colours. Very interesting. Barbara Had a wonderful day with so much to learn! Also appreciated drinks and food. Had a great time. Thank you. Linda Thank you. I now know what my best color are and I need to go shopping for jewelry and scarves, maybe even a dress:) Babette Our True Colors…Shining Trough…What a lovely day. Time flew and I went home inspired & confirmed to look for my own style & colours. Thank you Elizabeth Surprising and very interesting to discover my best colors. Ingrid What an interesting workshop. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Hope we manage to shop for the right colors. Sandra Had a fantastic day. Really enjoy finding the right colors for my friends and myself. Few surprises! Lovely treats to eat too. Helen My best choice since times! Again, I want to shine and show color. Getting rid of boring gray and brown, bright green and bright red are my best colors Thanks. Katja This was so much fun! And surprisingly! Luckily I can go through my closet while I’m packing and then go shopping. Thanks for everything! Karin A big thank you Yvonne! We had a lovely day together finding out our colors. Now we are eager to go out shopping. Hugs Ann-Charlotte, Voaana, Linda Our true colours…Shining trough. What a lovely day! Time flew and I went home inspired & confirmed to look for my own style& colours. Thank you so much Yvon Irene Thank you, the morning was informative, helpful and above all a lot of fun. So relieved to know my best colors now. Carol