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I meet so many wonderful people in my job and it is a privilege to be able to help women understand their unique colors.
Below are some of the comments and feedback I have had in recent times. Thank you to all those lovely people for their kind words and support.

A wonderful morning learning our colors! Together with friends made it more fun – very helpful, now we need to go shopping.

A delightful time well spent with such wonderful knowledge on colors. Colors are definitely the essence of life.

I learn everyday, but today I learned a LOT! Thank you so much Yvonne.

Wonderful morning, delicious food, lots of fun. I will stay away from warm colors. Thank you so much.

Beautiful black and white – how glorious! lucky me. thanks for all the food and wonderful bravery of color. So inspired! Great Fun, thank you very much Yvonne!

A most enjoyable, eye opening day! Jummy food and great fun. many thanks

Learnt something new! Several things in fact. Relaxed atmosphere, delicious bite, gorgeous instructor.

What an enlightening experience – loved it! Great food as well! Lots of thanks

A really uplifting experience with really lovely friends and with Yvonne who is so knowledgeable, thank you!

Thank you so much Yvonne! Very nice session and you are doing a great colourful job.

Looking forward to experimenting! Thank you so much!

Great fun watching the girls have their colours done. Easy to assume you know what is good, but there were many surprises. I look forward to do it myself.

So happy we finally did this colour workshop! Delighted!

The beginning of a new chapter!

Thank you very much Yvonne. It was necessary, interesting and surprising! See you again with joy and also because it will be difficult to change habits and style at the beginning!

Dear Yvonne, What a pleasant and informative day. And what are we spoiled with all those tasty snacks. I have learned a lot about the colors that suits me. Really looking forward to go shopping now. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much. I now have to re-educate myself to colours. Very interesting.

Had a wonderful day with so much to learn! Also appreciated drinks and food. Had a great time. Thank you.

Thank you. I now know what my best color are and I need to go shopping for jewelry and scarves, maybe even a dress:)

Our True Colors…Shining Trough…What a lovely day. Time flew and I went home inspired & confirmed to look for my own style & colours. Thank you

Surprising and very interesting to discover my best colors.

What an interesting workshop. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Hope we manage to shop for the right colors.

Had a fantastic day. Really enjoy finding the right colors for my friends and myself. Few surprises! Lovely treats to eat too.

My best choice since times! Again, I want to shine and show color. Getting rid of boring gray and brown, bright green and bright red are my best colors Thanks.

This was so much fun! And surprisingly! Luckily I can go through my closet while I’m packing and then go shopping. Thanks for everything!

A big thank you Yvonne! We had a lovely day together finding out our colors. Now we are eager to go out shopping. Hugs
Ann-Charlotte, Voaana, Linda

Our true colours…Shining trough. What a lovely day! Time flew and I went home inpired & confirmed to look for my own style& colours. Thank you so much Yvon

Thank you, the morning was informative, helpful and above all a lot of fun. So relieved to know my best colors now.


Color Analysis

A personal color analysis by ColorXpression includes:

  1. Analysis based on 10 seasons!
  2. Explanation about your contrast level
  3. Exercises; what are warm and cool colors
  4. Full color draping, look at yourself in your most complimentary colors
  5. Make-up and accessory recommendation

You will receive:

  1. Your own color swatch in a palette of 36 colors to carry with you when shopping for clothing

After Color Analysis you will know:

  1. Which colors suit you best
  2. How and where to wear your best colors
  3. Which colors to avoid
  4. How to combine colors together

You will also be able to:

  1. Save time and money when shopping because you will know what to look for and what suits you
  2. Look Wonderful, Feel fabulous
  3. When you complete your color analysis you will find shopping for clothes and accessories quicker, easier and more successful than ever before


A Personal consultation approx. 1.5 hours  p.p.

1- 2 person 99.90 euro p.p.

3-4 person 85.50  euro p.p.

Group color sessions available. Great idea for birthday or farewell party’s, or just a fun get together for your friends…



Book a make-up workshop

The right make-up application can take years off  your face and highlight your best facial feature….

Jolanda is a professional make-up and hair artist with many years of experience in visage for photo shoots, theater, fashion shows and color-consultations. Jolanda will teach you how to maximize your true beauty. She helps you to determine what products and colors are best suited for your skin type, texture, and tones and which colors makes you really shine!

A full hour make-up workshop includes:

  1. Perfect day-time make-up
  2. Which foundation type is right for you
  3. The most attractive colors to compliment your skin, hair and eyes
  4. The right tools to have in your makeup kit

A Personal Make-up workshop can be booked in combination with a Personal Color Analysis, but it is also possible to book on its own.


45 euro per person per hour.

More info about Jolanda Bakker: About

“The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

– Yves Saint-Laurant





Great idea for birthday or farewell parties or just a fun get together for your friends…

A group consultation(2-6 persons) is perfect for:

  • Mothers and daughter(s) day out
  • Sisters get together
  • Friends
  • Social groups
  • Birthday
  • Teenage Birthday Party
  • Farewell parties

During the session everyone will discover:

  • Which colors suits you best
  • Which colors to avoid
  • Your contrast level’(s) for clothes and hair color

The consultation may vary from the number of people depending on group size:

  • Everyone will be analyzed individually based on the 10 seasons! While the others watch and/or do some color exercises
  • In between there will be a coffee with cake break
  • Color analysis continues
  • Make-up recommendation per person
  • Lunch (on request at extra cost)
  • Discuss the garments you have brought…
  • Jewellery/accessory advice

Each person will receive:

  • At least 30 minutes with the consultant
  • Color swatch containing 36 of their best colors
  • a Free gift in one of their colors

How to prepare yourself:

  1. Please arrive without any make-up
  2. Wear a top with a low neck
  3. Bring 3 items (clothing) you like and 3 items you don’t like

Optional: Switching Party

Get each of your friends to bring along a few items of clothing (clean and in good condition) or accessories they don’t wear and swap them amongst yourselves.  I can be on hand to advise on different ways to wear the clothing to give you ‘food for thought’ for the rest of your wardrobe.

Got something to celebrate?

  • You can bring your own cake and bubbles, we will arrange tea or coffee
  • Lunch can be arranged on request; prices vary, depending on your requirements and the number of people attending.


A group consultation, 2-6 people takes approx. 30 to 60 minutes per person.

The price for the first and second person is 99.00 euro.

From the third-sixth person we offer a 15% discount.

1-2 person 99.90 euro.

3-6 person 85.50 euro.

“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life”

– Vincent Van Gogh